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Interested in working with us?

Mad Dog Theatre Company is always seeking new plays and looking to expand our network of talented friends and colleagues.


Please submit your headshot/resume to moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus (Attention: Actors).


Please submit your resume and any supplementary materials to moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus (Attention: Directors).


Please submit your resume and any supplementary materials to moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus (Attention: Designers).


Please see our Submission Policy below.


Experience the joys and challenges of producing new work firsthand! Mad Dog Theatre Company invites current students and recent graduates to apply for internships in the area(s) of their choice. To apply, please send a brief email of interest to moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus (Attention: Internships) detailing your experience, availability, and area(s) of interest. Please attach your resume and any other pertinent materials.

Volunteer Opportunities

One of the most valuable contributions you can make is your time. Mad Dog offers a number of opportunities for friends, fellow artists and audience members to get involved. Please contact us at moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus (Attention: Volunteers).

Play Submission Policy

Mad Dog Theatre Company welcomes submissions of new plays year-round at moc.skrabgoddamnull@snoissimbus. Please review the following guidelines before submitting. Submissions that do not adhere to our policy – no matter how delightful – will not be considered.

  1. Please put the word “Submission” as well as the title of your play in the subject line of your email. For example: Submission – All The Way From China.
  2. Attach your play as a Word document or PDF. Do not cut and paste your submission into the email.
  3. Attach a brief synopsis of your play as well as a character breakdown as separate documents.
  4. Do not submit more than one play at a time, either in the same email or in multiple emails. You may re-submit when you have received a response to your previous submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a cover letter?

Your email serves as your cover letter. No need to attach an additional document.

What do you define as a “new” play?

Any play that has never before received a fully staged production.

Is it okay if my play has already had a reading (staged or otherwise)?


Are there any guidelines concerning length or content?

No, however we encourage you to get to know our company and the kinds of work we’re attracted to by reviewing our mission statement and past productions.

May I send more than one submission at a time if they’re really short/really good/thematically linked, etc.?

Unfortunately, you may not. In order to speed up our response time as well as be fair to all of the amazing playwrights that submit, we must ask that you observe the Submission Policy outlined above.

That reminds me. What is the average response time?

Because we are human, anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. Submissions received during specific solicitation periods (usually advertised in Playbill) and/or prior to the opening of the first production of a coming season will typically receive quicker responses than plays submitted mid-season, because – again – we are human.

I submitted my play three hours ago and still haven’t heard anything. Can I email you?

While we love your enthusiasm, we must ask that you limit your status queries to plays that were submitted 3+ months ago and still have not received a response.

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